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Featured Artists

Alexia Coppini


Alexia Coppini is a Maltese painter who creates fantastic seascapes and ethereal skies.

The common thread in Alexia's paintings is representations of big skies and vast seas. They represent the natural environment in the most tranquil manner. Each painting speaks for itself. Alexia lives by the sea and is therefore easily absorbed by the beauty of the sea and the natural environment. Alexia's paintings evoke a sense of the spiritual as well as the fluid nature of the sea, and the light in the air creates a play with memory in timelessness.

Her interest in art started when she was at school and continued later in life. Alexia studied art under the guidance of Ms Margaret Chircop, her art teacher at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. During these years she developed her talent and later discovered that life could be better fulfilled through artistic expression that gives satisfaction not only to herself but also enjoyment to whoever shares in her work. Later in life Alexia attended art courses by Mr Anton Calleja and Ms Debbie Caruana Dingli. The artist is versatile in various subjects, which include portraits, still life and animals. She also has a great passion to draw and paint images from marine and landscape. For her the natural environment is a great source of inspiration.

In her last exhibition, Alexia Coppini shows the public a series of seascapes, skies painted in oil on canvas, oil on steel as well as a series of oil paintings on weathered wood. Her work creates the effect of a 'cinemascope' of nature. Abstraction occurs naturally. The artist attempts to convey the overall atmosphere of an area. For Alexia her paintings are vistas or windows to the outside world. They are the projection of the 'self' through vivid depictions of vast seas, some of them calm and others with surfing tides expressing turbulence. We know that in various cultural traditions the sea is considered as a source of life. It stimulates imagination and enhances imaginative expression in art, poetry and mythology. Stormy seas represent emotional upheavals, whereas calm seas evoke a sense of peace of mind. It is also stated that to return to the sea means to return to the mother's womb, which is also an encounter between life and death.

In one of her paintings called 'Heaven' we see a circular composition of clouds in the form of a mandala. This is not the first time that Alexia created a composition consisting of a formation of clouds in the sky in circular form. In psychological terms it represents the symbolical aspect of wholeness or a self-representation of the process that is called 'individuation' - becoming a single, homogenous being, self-realization. In other words it is this individuation which consists of the bringing together of the conscious and the unconscious.

The light in some of her sky paintings is bright and pure and the scene seems almost to vibrate. Sometimes there is no horizon or when she captures the line which separates the sea and the sky a sense of drama is felt. Alexia's panoramic canvases of the sea are set either early in the morning or sometimes late in the evening especially during the magical time of day when colours are dynamic and range between the darkest darks and the lightest lights.

Alexia's attitude to her art and to creativity is two-fold: an intimate eye for what is beautiful and appealing in nature and her emotional connection with the world. In one of her exhibitions, we find the images of a 'bull' which is a symbol of power and energy. The bull is a symbol found in many epochs and mythological cycles. It is an archetypal image that reached heights of importance and dominated the iconography of various cultures signifying sexuality and regeneration as well as 'man's spiritual nature over his animality'. As already stated, other symbolic images in this art show include the dragonfly which is also a reference to the symbol of transformation and life's ever-constant process of change. Precisely, the artist is in constant change and the 'dragonfly' sparks the creative power of her imagination. The artist is in fact living in an aura of great fantasy.

Through her art Alexia is lives in times of joy and serenity. It is another artistic statement in her continuous exploration of nature. The artist's pictorial vocabulary is made of imaginative harmonies which are not difficult to forget. And yet her canvases have another function, which is to make us escape from our modern crises, and which ultimately reveal an aesthetic sensibility towards nature. Alexia has exhibited in various collective exhibitions and no less than 17 most successful solo shows at: Artitude Gallery, The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on board The MS Hera, The Royal Malta Yacht Club, The Malta Maritime Authority, Hilton Olbia - Sardinia, Brown's - Valletta Waterfront, The President's Palace, San Anton, The Art Lover's Gallery in Porto Cupecoy, St Maartin, The Caribbean, The Plaza Mall, Sliema, The Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, Alexia Coppini Fine Art Gallery, Sliema, Casa Ellul, Valletta, Le Meridien Hotel, St Julians, Spinola Terrace, St Julian's Malta and Sonesta Maho Resort, St Martin, The Caribbean. These exhibitions have aroused interest in her works and introduced her to an ever widening clientele.

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A Little Bit of Magic
Alexia Coppini
Original Oil on Canvas
22W x 13H Inches
$900.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy A Little Bit of Magic FramedSave A Little Bit of Magic To Your GalleryCannot Add A Little Bit of Magic To Cart - Item Unavailable
Alexia Coppini
Original Oil on Canvas
31W x 16H Inches
$1,200.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Beauty FramedSave Beauty To Your GalleryCannot Add Beauty To Cart - Item Unavailable
Behind the Scenes
Alexia Coppini
Original Oil on Canvas
21W x 13H Inches
$900.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Behind the Scenes FramedSave Behind the Scenes To Your GalleryCannot Add Behind the Scenes To Cart - Item Unavailable
Alexia Coppini
Original Oil on Canvas
47W x 39H Inches
$3,000.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Blown FramedSave Blown To Your GalleryCannot Add Blown To Cart - Item Unavailable
Cocktail Hour
Alexia Coppini
Original Oil on Canvas
13W x 21H Inches
$900.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Cocktail Hour FramedSave Cocktail Hour To Your GalleryCannot Add Cocktail Hour To Cart - Item Unavailable
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