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Featured Artists

Jean-Michel Lengrand


Jean-Michel Lengrand was born in Paris in 1955. He is the grandson of the artist painter André Lengrand who was friend of Maurice Utrillo, Gen Paul, and Maclet with whom he exposed at the Cambaceres Gallery in Paris.

Drawer with a precocious talent, at 12 years, JM began to paint with the teaching of his grandfather.

At 16 years, he entered the Academy Farrey in Montmartre, followed by the Moussiau Academy in Bourges (France).

In 1974, he specialized in the secret techniques of the old masters, specifically the art of painting with amber of Venice and essential oils on wood. This technique was made famous by the Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (1400) and is called “The Flemish’s secret”.

In 1977, he received the silver medal in the National French Artists Art Fair in Paris. In this time he met Marc Havel, a French chemist and director of the paintings restoration department of The Louvre, with whom he had many conversations on the practices of the ancient masters. Havel, who worked with Raoul Dufy, was one of the great world specialists of the secret techniques from the Renaissance, which Jean-Michel Lengrand put into practice during his youth.

From 1978 to 1981, Lengrand worked regularly for the National Museums in the atelier of restoration de Baere, Paris as a specialist of the old masters. Here, we restored and worked with masterpieces from artists such as Corot, Rubens and Sisley. Exhibiting from 1973 to 1978 at the Chabin’s gallery in Paris, he entered in 1978 at the Pieter Breughel gallery in Amsterdam.

He left France once his installation was complete in Venlo, The Netherlands in 1981 and continued his work until 1995.

Personal and principal exhibitions of the youth:
- 1981 to 1983 : Pieter Breughel gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
- 1982 : Kroese gallery, Nimegue (the Netherlands)
- 1988 to 1989 : Art Diffusion gallery, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Kempinski Hotel, Berlin (Germany)
Atelier 21 gallery, Paris (France)
Victorian, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Bayersdorf, Hamburg (Germany)
Art Expo 1988 & 1989, New York (USA)
- 1992 to 1995 : Pieter Breughel gallery, Venlo (The Netherlands)
- 1996 to 1997 : Casa de Claudia gallery, Saint Bartholomew (F.W.I.)
- 1999 to 2001 : Nomades gallery, Saint Bartholomew (F.W.I.)

Principal distributors from 1990 to 1995:
- Castiglione gallery, Paris (France)
- Van Rijn gallery, Belgium
- Wissing Gallery, Germany
- Pieter Breughel galleries, The Netherlands
From 1979 to 1989, Jean-Michel Lengrand engraved, printed and painted hundreds of etchings in limited editions.

In 1985, he studied sculpting in Budapest (Hungary) in the atelier of the academician Lazlo Kùtas, and completed several limited editions bronzes.

In 1995, he published “The Treatise of the Metaphysical of Art” (editions Soleil Natal, France), his first book on the philosophy of painting. This first book was followed by “The Metaphysical of Art”, illustrated with 100 color photos of paintings and was released in Dutch, English and French (Editions van Spijk, Venlo – The Netherlands and Antwerp – Belgium).

In 1995, he left Europe for the West Indies where he resided at Saint Martin where he now has an atelier for painting, a second for engraving, etching and printing. The third atelier is being installed to incorporate a stone lithographic press. It was here, in Saint Martin where Lengrand wrote the editions of Artisphaera, art’s written works, 1998 (Editions 2AC, Guadeloupe) “Latino Period”, 20 color photos of paintings of Cuba, 1999 (Editions Curling, Guadeloupe).

Lengrand moved to Saint Barth’s in 2000 where he mainly painted commissions for American collectors.

In 2005, Jean-Michel Lengrand specialized in large paintings and a production composed of triptychs, polyptychs, painted polyhedrons as celestial spheres, anamorphous and revolving paintings.

Since September 2017, Lengrand has created a line of original paintings named ZEBRA. This line reunites some of his best models drawn or painted with zebra lines. After fifty years of practice, he’s found passion in focusing his skills and attention on these subjects and the stunning contrast of black and white, flared with eroticism. Each new original artwork, since January 2018 owns a red seal since. The Zebra line is also present in etchings. Today the Zebras collection totals 44 works.

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Jean-Michel Lengrand
Original Oil on Panel Board
13.5W x 9H Inches
$1,500.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Africa FramedSave Africa To Your GalleryCannot Add Africa To Cart - Item Unavailable
Jean-Michel Lengrand
Original Oil on Panel Board
14W x 18H Inches
$2,550.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Babel FramedSave Babel To Your GalleryCannot Add Babel To Cart - Item Unavailable
Jean-Michel Lengrand
Original Oil on Panel Board
24W x 17H Inches
$4,200.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Caravanserai FramedSave Caravanserai To Your GalleryCannot Add Caravanserai To Cart - Item Unavailable
Jean-Michel Lengrand
Original Oil on Panel Board
31.5W x 15.4H Inches
$11,100.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Concerto FramedSave Concerto To Your GalleryCannot Add Concerto To Cart - Item Unavailable
Jean-Michel Lengrand
Original Oil on Panel Board
17W x 15H Inches
$1,500.00  [25% Off] This is an Original Item!
See or Buy Cruisers FramedSave Cruisers To Your GalleryCannot Add Cruisers To Cart - Item Unavailable
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