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Brooklyn Bridge by LeRoy Neiman
Offset Lithograph - 34.5W x 19H Inches

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Brooklyn Bridge by LeRoy Neiman - Offset Lithograph.
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Quick Summary:  LeRoy Neiman, Brooklyn Bridge [Item Number: 8506177603] - Offset Lithograph. It measures approximately 34.5W x 19H (Inches).
Found Under:  LeRoy Neiman | Offset Lithograph | LeRoy Neiman | Cityscape
Tags:  bridge | new york | brooklyn | water | ocean sea | pop art | skyline | buildings | sky scrapers | boats | sailboat | seagull | suspension bridge |
Extra Description & Notes
LeRoy Neiman says: "Enormous gothic arches sitting atop granite towers make this bridge a modern medieval cathedral in the sky. Our nation was scarcely a century old when this colossal, romantic shape over the East River, between the Manhattan and Brooklyn waterfronts, came to be. It is a symbol of the 19th century. A beauty. A great highway in the sky, spanning the fierce tides of the East River. The steel wire cables are hard and strong, but give the bridge the lazy feel of a suspended hammock. It is among the most graceful works of man, and the great engineering feats of all time."

First known as the Great East River Bridge, the span was completed in 1883 after 14 years of work, the deaths of 20 workmen, and scores of excruciating and crippling cases of "caisson disease" - the bends. Those afflicted included the bridge's heroic chief engineer, John A. Roebling, son of the architect, Washington A. Roebling, who had died years before its completion. To anchor the bridge, a "caisson" - an upside down box the size of half a city block - was sunk to the river bottom and then filled with compressed air. Inside, men working by gaslight, using pick axes and shovels, dug through sewage, mud and rock deep into the earth. Countless tons of concrete were poured into the holes thus created to create a solid base on which to place the granite and arches. Upon its completion and for years thereafter, the bridge was acclaimed as the wonder of the age.

The featured artwork is a powerful and moving tribute to the bridge, the men who built it, and the great city it helped to create. The artist has captured both the imposing, massive presence of the arches and roadway, and the gentle grace of the supporting cables. Viewed from the Brooklyn side, we see the familiar landmarks of lower Manhattan and New York Harbor including Lady Liberty, Wall Street, South Street Seaport, the World Trade Center, and the Woolworth Building. While dominated by blues in the river and bridge, the western sky is alight with the yellow, red and orange of the setting sun. The print is sure to appeal to lovers of New York, Brooklyn, rivers, bridges, sunsets, and of course, LeRoy Neiman.

Image alone measures 32.5" x 11".
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Brooklyn Bridge - Item Number
Brooklyn Bridge - Dimensions
 34.5W x 19H Inches
 87.63W x 48.26H 
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 Offset Lithograph
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