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What is the Toolbar?

The Toolbar is a fantastic toolbar software designed specifically for Internet Explorer users. The toolbar integrates together with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later versions, and adds a set of productivity tools that make your web experience more productive. The Toolbar has many valuable features and benefits. It is distributed free of charge but is subject to a license agreement.

For more information about the Toolbar, please click here.

How do I install the Toolbar on my computer?

The Toolbar is a fantastic toolbar software designed specifically for Internet Explorer users. The toolbar integrates together with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later versions, and adds a set of productivity tools that make your web experience more prolific. The Toolbar has many valuable features and benefits. It is distributed free of charge but is subject to a license agreement.

For more information about the Toolbar, please click here.

Is the toolbar compatible with Windows Vista?
  We have conducted preliminary tests with Windows« Vista« and concluded that the toolbar is compatible with it. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.
How can I save money with the Toolbar?

You can save a great deal on products and services offered by by taking advantage of real time discounts and promotional offers, which are displayed in the toolbar. See illustration below:

How does the search feature work?

The Toolbar Search feature is a very powerful and convenient tool. It allows you to search the web faster and smarter with one-click search from Google«, MSN«, Yahoo!«, AOL«, Altavista«,«, Open Directory, YouTube«, MSN Dictionary, MSN Thesaurus, MSN Encarta«, MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, and much more. Here are most of the Search features:

  • Perform a regular web search or search for images, audio, or videos.
  • Search for current news from major news providers such as CNN, ABC, or NPR News.
  • Search for movies on Netflix«, Blockbuster«, or for movies in theaters.
  • Search Wikipedia (Free Online Encyclopedia).
  • Search Yellow Pages.
  • Useful links to many convenient online destinations.
  • Highlight features highlights matching textual search results that matched your search query.
How does the pop-up blocker feature work?

The Toolbar Pop-up blocker prevents 99% of Pop-up windows from automatically opening when you visit or leave a web page on a website. Often times, these new windows display advertising that might interfere with your ability to see the content on the page you're trying to access. When a pop-up window is intercepted, your cursor changes briefly to look like an "X" and a sound alert might be triggered.

Websites sometimes communicate important information via pop-up windows. To allow a Pop-up through from a certain website that you trust, select "Allow Pop-ups From Current Website" from the Pop-up Blocker menu. In addition, the Pop-up blocker can be set to remember such trusted websites, select the "White List Option" and enter the name of the website from which you want to always allow Pop-ups. You have the option to add or remove website from your "White List" at any time.

Important: The Toolbar Pop-up Blocker is automatically activated by default upon installation. This might become problematic with third-party Pop-up blockers that are currently active on your system. To disable the Pop-up Blocker, from the Pop-up Blocker menu, clear the checkbox next to Pop-up blocker.

To reset the history of blocked pop-up windows, from the Pop-up Blocker menu, select "Clear Blocked Websites History".

How does the privacy tools feature work?

The Privacy Tools feature allows you to gain easy access and control over private information stored in your browser and operating system.

WARNING: Actions performed using this feature are irreversible. Cleared items will be permanently deleted from your system and cannot be recovered. In addition, clearing out AutoComplete information will clear forms and passwords that Internet Explorer has remembered in the past.

With the Privacy Tools feature, you can clear the following items:

  • Browser cookies, history, AutoComplete information, and temporary Internet files.
  • System's recycle bin, recent documents list, and even Windows« Temporary folder.
How do I hide the Toolbar from the Internet Explorer toolbar area?

You can always show or hide the toolbar with a click of a button. Please see illustration below:

Alternatively, you can right-click on the Internet Explorer toolbar area and select the toolbar(s) that you want to show or hide.

How does the parental control feature work?

The Parental Control feature is an easy and proven method for parents or network administrators to limit access to offensive or adult content on the Internet; when Internet Explorer is being used to access such material.

The Toolbar is a web filter which looks for certain keywords in a requested web page. If the frequency of such keywords triggers an alert to the Toolbar, access to such material will be denied and an alert will be shown on the screen instead. See illustration below to demonstrate blocked content:

In order for the Parental Control feature to work, it must be activated first. To activate that feature, simply click the Parental Control button on the toolbar. From the Parental Control menu, a password must be set so no one else can deactivate or tamper with that feature.

How does the snapshot feature work?

The Snapshot feature is a great tool for taking screenshot images of web pages and saving them to your computer as a JPEG image file. This tool is great for saving web pages that you like or information that you want to keep more private, such as account passwords or order confirmation pages.

By saving a web page as an image file, the information in that file becomes non-searchable since all content on that page becomes a flat image file.

The Snapshot feature also allows you to save a web page as a single MHT file. When you save a web page as an MHT document, all content is included in the file.

Warning: Please follow copyright laws as is not responsible for any copyright violations as a result of using this feature.

How does the zoom feature work?
  The Zoom feature allows you to simply zoom in and zoom out of web pages. This is particularly helpful when you encounter web pages with extra small text that is barely legible.

The Zoom feature has a reset feature to reset a zoomed view back to normal.

How do I reset or change my Internet Explorer homepage?
  From the Internet Explorer menu, click "Tools", select "Internet Options", then fill out the desired web page or website in the Homepage field.
How do I update the Toolbar?

We are constantly adding new features to the Toolbar to make sure that its quality is superb and that the end-user experience is both productive and functional.

To update the Toolbar, click the "Options" menu, select "Check For Updates", then follow the instructions on the screen.

My Internet Explorer has become unstable after I installed the Toolbar!

In rare occasions, other toolbars installed on your computer might conflict with the Toolbar.

If your Internet Explorer becomes unstable after installing the Toolbar, then please uninstall the Toolbar and the problem should be resolved.

How do I request a useful feature to be added to the Toolbar! greatly welcomes your ideas and input. If you feel that the feature(s) you are requesting will be beneficial and will add value to the Toolbar, please contact us and let us know. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the feature will be actually implemented, but we do review all requests in order to better our products and services.

I get an error message when I uninstall the Toolbar from my computer!

If you receive an error message after uninstalling the Toolbar from your computer, there is nothing to be alarmed about! We are fully aware of this minor glitch and are working with other software vendors in order to fix it.

Please note that this error has no effect on your computer or Internet Explorer. Simply disregard that error and restart Internet Explorer.

How do I remove the Toolbar from my computer?

You can simply remove the Toolbar from you computer at anytime. There are two ways you can do that:

1- From Windows« "Control Panel", click "Add or Remove Programs", look for Toolbar, then click "Remove".

2- From the Toolbar, click the "Options" menu, then select "Uninstall Toolbar".

Finally, restart your Internet browser.

Can I install the Toolbar on a Mac?
  No. The Toolbar is currently available for Windows« 2000 or XP with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later versions.
Can I use the Toolbar in the Firefox browser?
  No. The Toolbar is currently available for Internet Explorer 6.0 or later versions.
Does the Toolbar block Spyware?
  No. The Toolbar does not block or detect spyware. On the other hand, it blocks websites from popping up Windows which you have not initiated.
Can I bundle the Toolbar with my own software?

Please contact us for more information regarding using the Toolbar as part of a software package.

We appreciate all suggestions, comments, and questions.
If you can't find answers to your questions in the help topics on this page, please contact us via email.
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