Choosing Art For Your Bedroom


A bedroom is a private space. Unless you invite guests to leave their coats there during a party or to use the extra bathroom, the walls are for your and your partner's eyes only. So get ready to have some fun!


  • Identify the spaces you want to fill. Art should be more or less in scale with the space it hangs in, which means you'll want more or larger pieces for large spaces (over the bed) and smaller pieces for smaller spaces.
  • Decide on a color scheme if you haven't already.
  • Decide on a mood, or identify the one you've already created for the room. Is your bedroom a formal Victorian gentleman's chamber? Then it's the perfect spot to display your collection of vintage erotica. Is it primarily a dressing room, strewn with scarves and shelves for shoes? Framed fashion plates, then - of all the outfits you've always wished you'd been alive to wear.
  • Look for pieces that complement your color scheme and theme - and consider going wall by wall if you've got a lot of variety (a series of old family photos on one wall; color garden photos on another).
  • Frame the pieces well if they're paper, using archival-quality mats and sealing the backs. It's a good idea to match frames, especially for similar categories.
  • Make it a point to check your pieces once in a while. Light changes during the year, so something that's fine in December may find itself in direct sun come June - and a piece that's fine one year may take on moisture damage the next year if the backing comes loose.

Tips & Warnings

  • Especially if you live in earthquake country, make sure to choose appropriate hangers (according to the makeup of your walls and the weight of your pieces). And in earthquake country, it's never a good idea to hang a heavy piece over the bed.
  • Red is the canary in the coal mine for art - it's the color that goes first when a piece is getting too much light. If you notice changes, move the piece.

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