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Contemporary fine art is being used in businesses, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality services around the world. It's decorative and comes in many styles to fit in with any type of decor. Hotel interior decorators have especially grown fond of this type of art because it blends so well with a variety of vacation spots and hotel themes - the beach, mountains, and everywhere in between! Here are some great tips on how you can improve the look and feel of your hotel guest rooms and hotel lobby decor with unique contemporary fine art.

Welcoming Hotel Guests with Dazzling Lobby Decor

When your guests arrive, they want to receive a nice "welcome" to your hotel. One way you can welcome them is to hang several pieces of artwork in the hotel lobby. These can be scattered throughout with one painting per wall (two on a very long wall), and one painting on the wall behind the hotel clerk's counter.

Contemporary fine art in the lobby will give your guests a warm feeling before they even get to their room. It also gives them something interesting to observe if there's a long wait! You can also go a step further with the lobby decor and add plants, comfortable chairs, floor rugs, and a small decorative table with a lamp, depending on the size of the lobby. Coordinate all furniture and plant containers to blend with the colors of the paintings and/or their frames. The lobby is a hotel's "first impression" so you want it to look its best!

Decorating Hotel Guest Rooms

Contemporary fine art comes in many shapes and styles. Watercolor paintings, silk, and acrylic are especially popular in hotels. These come in many themes, from children's furniture to plants, from birds to silk scarves. There's something for every style and taste. If you're having a difficult time choosing a theme for the paintings in your guest rooms, consider a few things about your hotel. Where is it located? Why do people come to your hotel or to the area where it is located? What types of guests generally stay in your hotel?

Your hotel might be located in a tropical setting with palm trees, sandy beaches, and many fine hotels and restaurants. If so, choose a tropical theme if possible. For example, there are beautiful contemporary fine art themes of tropical birds or tropical plants. These will blend well with the theme of the vacation, and will make the stay more enjoyable for your guests.

Another example: Let's say your hotel is located in the heart of a busy city and you cater to many business people who stay during business trips. You might choose a more subtle but relaxing theme such as pastel-colored spring flowers.

Other types of settings include winter ski resorts, mountains or foothills, interstate locations near a vacation spot or for travelers. Choose a contemporary fine art theme that will make the guest room more enjoyable for your target customers.

Hotel Restaurant Decor

If the hotel has a restaurant, you can also use watercolors, acrylic paintings and other fine artwork to decorate the walls of the restaurant. Try to keep the art decor theme consistent throughout the restaurant, hotel lobby, and guest rooms. Guests will know what to expect everywhere they during their stay.

Use these tips to brighten up your hotel decor. Using contemporary fine art along with other decor items will give your hotel a unique look of its own. Guests will want to return again and again!

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